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Interview to Antti Ukkonen, partner of Forecasting Financial Crises

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Queries issued today on search engines can tell you something about how the stock market will go tomorrow, says Antti Ukkonen, computer scientist at Barcelona Media (Spain), partner of the FOC project.


“Networks. A Very Short Introduction” is out

Guido Caldarelli and the collaborator of FOC project Michele Catanzaro have published:

G. Caldarelli, M. Catanzaro “Networks. A Very Short Introduction” Oxford University Press. (US website)

SUMMARY: From ecosystems to Facebook and from the Internet to the global financial market, networks play a central role in nature and society. Phenomena such as climate change, pandemics, and financial crises are based on networked structures; and networks give insights into how social environments affect health and behaviour. In this Very Short Introduction, Guido Caldarelli and Michele Catanzaro discuss the nature and variety of networks, using familiar examples from society, technology, nature, and history. They show how networks self-organize and the role they play in processes like large-scale blackouts and computer virus outbreaks. They also describe the wide and important applications of network theory in a range of areas, including genetics, ecology, technology, and management.

Find in the following links a short video and a blogpost on the subject.

How to get it (£7.99, $11.95)

  • Bookshops in UK and USA.
  • Bookshops in Spain. Possibly, in La Central and Laie in the next few days: if you are interested, write at catanzaro [DOT] michele [AT] gmail [DOT] com and I will alert you when the book is available there.
  • Amazon UK (Amazon US).
  • Other online booksellers (for example Barnes&Noble).
  • Ebook. Soon available for Kindle, Nook, Sony,, Google Play, and Kobo : if you are interested, write at catanzaro [DOT] michele [AT] gmail [DOT] com and I will alert you when the book is available.

To know more about networks: